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Live in Care

Live in care ensures people can remain in the comfort, familiar and secure surroundings of their own home, with no need to relocate to a care home which can entail much upheaval. 

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Live in care is provided to people who are either living with complex needs who may need nurse-led care, or who are living with a condition that impacts their ability to live well and need support-led care.

A live-in care worker offers constant, round the clock care, supporting a person to remain in their own home, offering a helping hand at a moment’s notice ensuring the person gets the right care at the right time. In addition to assisting with care and support needs, as a live-in care worker you will support with domestic tasks, hobbies, leisure activities as well as being a good companion.


A range of alternative options can be offered to people, whether they need care and support throughout the night which means as a care worker you will sleep during the night but on hand to assist should you be needed. Waking nights can also be an option for those who may need night-time assistance, such as repositioning in bed, managing a ventilation machine, or administering medication.




  • Having only worked for Home Support Matters for two months now, the support and help I've received from colleagues at head office and the front-line carers I've had the pleasure of working with has been so incredible and made me feel so welcome to the company.
    Russ R, Great Yarmouth Care Worker
  • I enjoyed my induction training, everyone on the course was really nice, Hannah and Fiona were lovely and are brilliant trainers.
    Danielle K, Great Yarmouth Care Worker
  • I love working for Home Support Matters. I’ve been here a year and I’ve already progressed in my job, moving from Care Worker to Care Co-ordinator in the short time I’ve been here. Colleagues are all friendly, helpful and very supportive.
    Emma Y, Care Coordinator
  • It’s a rewarding job looking after people in your local community delivering a good service for Home Support Matters.
    Angela K, Lowestoft Care Worker
  • I love working for Home Support Matters as we help so many people that need help in their own home and enable them to remain independent. I love how it makes me feel and I know I make a difference to the people we help.
    Kerry-Anne B, Great Yarmouth Care Worker
  • I love working for Home Support Matters, every day I make a difference to people’s lives and it’s very rewarding. My hard work never goes unnoticed, and I’m always being praised by both customers and branch colleagues. I’ve come so far in such a short amount of time with all the training and support from other colleagues in the field.
    Danielle M, Great Yarmouth Care Worker
  • It's a huge responsibility, supporting a customer when they are at their most vulnerable. But you’re part of a team of skilled colleagues, and with advice just a phone call away, you’re never alone and you know that you are making a positive improvement to people's lives.
    Ian R, Lowestoft Care Worker
  • I haven’t been happier than since I started working here, I’ve found my passion in helping others and it’s been an incredible experience ever since! It’s such a lovely team to work with, management values the employees and the training is brilliant. We get to go to different places and experience new working environments, meet new people and it’s simply great.
    Cheryl B, Great Yarmouth Care Worker