Specialist Services: Flexible Dementia Service

The Flexible Dementia service (FDS) provides support to enable people with dementia in a crisis or an apparent or predicted deteriorating situation to remain living independently at home.

The service provides a specialist intermediate care and support service for people with dementia that is focussed on re-ablement and sustaining people’s capacity to maintain their independence.

It provides a flexible, enhanced domiciliary service for adults with dementia in crisis or potential crisis situations meeting people’s health and social care needs, including contributing to needs assessment and review.

The service offers same day, short-term re-ablement support, working closely with Dementia Intensive Support services, other re-ablement and other Admission Prevention services. Consideration of needs and potential for Assistive Technology/Telecare, are a central part of the service to support the person/Family Carer.

Where people have ongoing needs beyond the period of reablement, the service directly contributes towards, the development of Personal Budgets and Support Plans. For those people for whom it is no longer possible to provide care at home the service also includes co-working and reviewing with social care and health assessors to access suitable placements/services to meet people’s ongoing needs.

The service also supports people to deal with and avoid:

  • Deterioration in health or mental health or wellbeing.
  • Admission to hospital or residential care.
  • Social isolation.
  • Deterioration in home conditions.
  • Financial abuse and other safeguarding issues.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have done. Can’t thank you enough you have been so good and helpful with my Mum – it’s a pity we couldn’t keep you"

"If I'd not had this service I would have needed to stay in hospital as the family would be unable to support me"

"If I'd not had this service I would have needed to stay in hospital as the family would be unable to support me"

"My husband had been in hospital for weeks. If we'd not had this support for him he would otherwise have remained in hospital. The service more than exceeded my expectations"

"My Mum has dementia and I was concerned about whether she would be ok whilst I was away working in America. I want to pass on my sincere thanks to EHSS. My Mum received an excellent, bespoke service that exceeded all my expectations. I was very impressed, whilst in America, how staff updated me regularly as to how my Mum was and regularly via text"